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Welcome to the Sydney Conference 2015 …some further explanation about the approach and format

The Sydney Conference 2015 is experimenting with a thinkfest approach to co-creating new ways of addressing some old challenges. Perhaps we should not even use the word “conference” to describe the experience we hope to provoke and nurture.

There will be no keynote speakers or passive receivers in this experience.  Attendees are personally invited to ensure we have a diverse group of colleagues. Writers, researchers, librarians, information scientists, publishers and others who are at various stages in their careers will come together to contemplate, provoke, advance, create and collaborate.  The only rule is if you want to attend you do have to work.  If you only want to observe, you are welcome to review the outputs at the end of the conference.

What we create we will share using a creative commons license so that any new ideas and knowledge we create is made visible, available and ready for reuse and further development.

We don’t plan to do this with keynotes and powerpoint presentations but rather some old fashioned thinking, discussion, drawing, writing, comparing, dissecting, analysing and synthesising.   However we do plan to include modern and social methods to do these activities.

There are no limits in our minds in this thinkfest.  All means of expression are welcome and will be included to share the outputs.  The world is no longer text based and flat.  It is multi-dimensional and  can be messy. We aim to experiment with all the possible ways to express, combine and recombine our thoughts and ideas on the related threads.

Please contact the organisers at if you want to contribute.

JoAnne Sparks, Chair