Good Bye Google+ (And Google Ripples?)

Screenshot 2015-06-12 14.29.07

With the demise of Google+, or perhaps more accurately, the deconstruction of Google+, and the advent of Google Photos and Google Streams . I have been left wondering what will happen to Google Ripples? Will Ripples be part of Streams? Will it be lost forever?

Although, like most of the world it appears, I am not a huge user the Google+ social network, I thought that Google Ripples was pretty cool.  In a nutshell, Google+ Ripples allowed Google+ users to see who re-shares a post and in turn who those people have then shared the post with. It allows you to see the post spread over time and all presented with a visual interesting, easy to use interface. Perhaps the best thing about Ripples was that you could put in any URL and see “Ripples” for the post. What a great way to for authors to track who is re-posting their content, determine who is influencing in a particular field, etc. And it was so easy to use…..

So what are the (preferably free) tools are you using or have noticed others making use of for that Ripples effect in a Ripples-free world? Please share!

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One thought on “Good Bye Google+ (And Google Ripples?)

  1. LG

    Ripples and Google+ have probably gone the way of all successful free pilot programs – to the marketing department where you will pay to get the information – unless it is so good that they keep it private for themselves !



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