Rules of Engagement for Sessions 22-24 July 2015

This blog post is to propose a few “rules of engagement” for our Thinkfest effort this week.  This is a start and your feedback and additions are most welcome.  We probably don’t need very many rules so instead here are a few affirmations to support our aims to create and collaborate over the next days and beyond.  See what you think.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for The Sydney Conference 2015

  • We expect to be active, engage and participate throughout the conference.
  • We can think, discuss, share and visualise ideas according to our inclinations and talents.
  • We are not rehashing history but will remain forward looking in order to co-create new ways to address our challenges.
  • We will respect the diversity of our groups and support the interchange of ideas between each of us (egalitarianism).
  • Avoid “ground hog day” whenever possible as there is so much new content to explore.  Instead, build and expand and extend the thoughts and comments of others.
  • Members of each thread will decide who receives attribution on their published outputs at the end of the week.

Please feel free to add and amend.  Let the thinking begin!

JoAnne Sparks

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Supporter of the Karen people, librarian, traveler ... I love to view and take photos of places, creatures and people.....and to learn jokes in other languages. We now live in Darug country in Australia. I acknowledge the Darug, Darkinjung, Dharawal, Gundungurra, Wanarua and Wiraduri peoples, ancestors and traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work together and commit to building better relationships with all peoples.

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