About the 2015 Conference


22 – 24 July 2015  @sydconf15  #sydconf15

A self-funded, independent conference hosted by Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. This event is modeled on the Charleston and Fiesole conferences in the United States and Europe which are self-funded, independent conferences held annually for a range of stakeholders in the scholarly publishing arena.

Exploring Scholarly Communication Beyond Paywalls, the conference is a focused “thinkfest” on new and emerging paradigms relating to scholarly communications. These “new” paradigms are not limited by current practice or pricing models.

Authors, researchers, librarians, information scientists, publishers and distributors of scholarly dreamstime_s_39119051content are invited to engage with this collaborative effort. Attendees will stretch themselves to see beyond current models, working together to conceptualise and create.

A key objective is to create outputs from the conference including a jointly created white paper or some other substantial model/principles/publication on the new paradigm(s).

To achieve these ambitions, the Conference will explore 5 related threads:

A draft program is available with a final version available a few weeks before the conference.

See our eventbrite for accommodation, transport, parking & all that stuff.

Advisory Group

JoAnne Sparks, Macquarie University – Chair
Professor Paul Arthur, University of Western Sydney
Professor Sherman Young, PVC, L&T, Macquarie University. Author of: The Book is Dead: Long Live the Book
Andrew Wells, University of New South Wales
Roxanne Missingham, Australian National University
Linda O’Brien, Griffith University
Helen Livingston, formerly University of South Australia
James Mercer, Springer